"On his remarkable Tumblr FILMography, Christopher Moloney has found an innovative way to match film frames with their real-life counterparts…It’s a great argument for how movies can transform actual locations—and vice versa." - The A.V. Club

"Moloney’s methods set his project apart from other composite photo projects, which are often highly technical…The buildings don’t always line up perfectly; the colors seldom match. But the dissonance gives the shots meaning. (If you wanted seamless, you should have rented the movie.)" - The Atlantic

"FILMography Tumblr, requires no special technology to give us some of the most enthralling augmented reality we’ve seen in a while." - Esquire

"Writer Christopher Moloney is the dedicated photographer behind this enchanting series of snapshots that serve as an incredible reminder not only of the city’s timeless appeal but also of the wide range of stories that have played across its landscape." - Cinema Blend

"FILMography is a site that takes a unique twist on location scouting." - Miramax

"[FILMography] takes fandom to the next level." - Complex

"The photo blogger flawlessly lines up every brick in a building and curb on the street to make the visuals look as one." - Flare

"Though he has a popular movie-related blog, Christopher Moloney is not a movie buff. He didn’t study film history and says he doesn’t have a particularly refined taste. He just likes movies." - Wired

"Armed with a camera and a black and white printout of a scene from a movie Moloney pieces together our collective film history." - Herald Sun

"Nearly every inch of the city has been captured on film, but it’s easy to walk right by some of these places in real life without ever recognizing them—but not for Christopher Moloney." - The Daily Beast

"Moloney uses an on-location layering technique to alert the viewer’s senses to the passage of time." - My Modern Metropolis

"FILMography is an addictive new blog run by Christopher Moloney that features photographs of stills from famous movies juxtaposed with the exact locations where they were filmed today." - Flavorwire

"Spot Cool Stuff loves websites that are both simple and ingenious. On Tumblr, perhaps no blog exemplifies those two characteristics more than FILMography." - Spot Cool Stuff

"An awesome blog that goes back to the spot where famous scenes were shot." - Indiewire

"Our new favorite Tumblr photographer, Christopher Moloney, takes images of street scenes made famous in classic movies. The twist? He holds an image of the actors in the center of the cityscape." - TED

"The great pics are a nice reminder of how the everyday can be transformed by the magic of movies, and whether you love the films, hate them or haven’t gotten around to seeing them yet (we know — they’re in our Netflix queue too), click through this gallery of Moloney’s work and you’ll appreciate just how clever it is." - MSN

"Brilliant photos bring film stills to life." - Yahoo! Movies UK

"This past summer, he began documenting those spots with an awesome “photo in a photo” project." - PetaPixel

"Canadian Christopher Moloney has come up with a cool way to combine everyday life with Hollywood movies." - CBC

"Photographer Christopher Moloney has a genius conceit…The amount of work that goes into this is astounding." - Underground Film Journal

"FILMography is a blog from writer Christopher Moloney that plays host to images taken at the location of various movie scenes, some iconic and some delightfully obscure." - Fast Company

"…mixes both the make-believe magic of a movie scene with a real-life location." - Next Movie

"For those familiar with the popular Sleeveface project, this is kind of similar — only it spotlights movies instead of album covers." - USA Today

"Blogger and writer Christopher Moloney has photographed close to 300 images showing iconic movie scene locations then and now." - ABC News

"From the silver screen to the streets of New York City, one movie buff is on a mission to bring his favorite films to life." - New York Daily News

"Since the success of his original photo, Christopher Moloney has recreated more than 250 scenes in New York, Toronto, Chicago and Asia, including moments from "The Avengers," "Breakfast at Tiffany’s," "You’ve Got Mail," "The Dark Knight Rises" and "Shaft."" - CNN

"There are countless websites and blogs that give cinema fans details on the real-life locations made famous by movies. But one Tumblr user is kicking that idea up a notch by creating a new way to look at real-world locales featured in major films." - Yahoo! News

"Ever seen a movie location and thought, “Wait, I know this place?” Christopher Moloney knows a bit about location, location, location." - HLN

"FILMography, has almost 350 pictures and thousands of eager followers…For someone who’s been in New York for just 12 years, it’s quite something to be able to spot the quantity of locations he does." - The Telegraph

"His work - which includes movies as varied as "Midnight Run," "The French Connection," and "Shaft" - can be found at his Web site, FILMography." - Vanity Fair